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Thanks for following us! We have a show on February 13th at The PIT with the lovely ladies of Templeton Philharmonic! Check it out!

Tamsi & Samsi Have an Official Website.

CLICK iiiiiiiiiiiiit. 


Tamsi & Samsi have a SPANK! At the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on January 10th! 6PM! MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS!

Get your tickets for How to be Nice, Pretty & Invisible!!!

How to Be Nice, Pretty and Invisible: JANUARY 17TH - 9:30PM @ The PIT!!!

In this delightfully uncomfortable comedy, you will learn everything from how not to interact with humans to how not to interact with humans! Join Tamsi & Samsi in a show inspired by the outrageously silly situations that happen when they are together! 

Tamsi and Samsi are just like you and you will see a part of yourself inside both of them!* Like, a piece of them will be in all of you.** Like, they will be inside you.***

Alternate titles include: “Perfect for Each Other”, “Together Forever, but Not Like That”, and “A Spectacle in Glasses”! 

*You get what we mean

**I did it again 


Click here for tickets!!!

Tamsi & Samsi as red head cat and grumpy cat.